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About Sekoia.io

Team of Sekoia.io

Who are we ?

Sekoia.io is a European cybersecurity SAAS company, whose mission is to develop the best protection capabilities against cyber attacks. The company created in France provides modern technologies, proven in the field, to enable its major account customers and cybersecurity service providers to neutralize cyber threats before they have consequences.

The founders of Sekoia.io have been recognized security professionals for more than 15 years, who use the latest technological advances to reinvent the way of doing cybersecurity and make their know-how useful to as many people as possible.

Sekoia.io by focusing all its research and development efforts on two major strategic axes, which are the knowledge of threats and the automation of defense capabilities, gives the advantage to the teams in charge of system protection against attackers.

In the core of the community since 2008

Sekoia.io was born from the experience gained in the field over many years within the main European security incident response teams. After the creation of CSIRT / CERT teams to respond to targeted attacks, their support and their tools, we now offer them through Sekoia.io the technology to enhance their expertise on a large scale and allow them to collaborate effectively, with SOC players and Cyber ​​decision-makers.

Leader in Cyber Threat Intelligence

Sekoia.io’s solutions are based on the knowledge of attackers, their tactics, operating methods, tools and infrastructures. All of this intelligence is produced by the largest private cyber threat intelligence team in Europe.

A Collaborative Approach

More than a company, Sekoia.io is a place of confrontation with new forms of threats. Sekoia.io advocates its European roots as well as the strength of the collective to protect and stay in the race against cybercriminals.

EU compliance

Sekoia.io designs and produces its cybersecurity solutions in France. All data is hosted in France and we are committed to applying European data protection rules (GDPR).

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