Augmented SOC — How to rethink your security center?

Facing the constant changing tactics of attackers and the endless growing number of log data, the SOC need to evolve to better anticipate the threats.

In 2000, early SIEM systems, main component, of traditional Security Operational Centers were a real deliverance for security officers. With the increasing number of tools and endless expanding logs from those tools, SIEM solutions were allowing them to collect all this data and conduct security intelligence and analytics on it. Today the reality is different and the SOC managers have seen the limitations of those solutions.

The limits

The Return on Investment

The False Positives

The analysts bore-out

The Data Collection Challenges

What are the security bricks of tomorrow?

It will need to better evaluate the low risk episode missed by current solutions.

Increase the incident contextualization

Value the people through automation

If you need one more reason to start using automation, the bad guys already do: very recently researchers have revealed two tool that automate phishing attacks!

Embrace the Machine Learning

Adopt a cloud-based security

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