Federate and get the most out of your cybersecurity equipment

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Nothing is more stressful than an unconnected protection stack

Due to an accumulation of security equipment not connected to each other, it happens that you as a SOC, RSSI manager, lack visibility on all security events. In the event of alerts, your teams of analysts lose efficiency and productivity, when it comes to conducting, for example, investigations and formulating adequate responses to incidents. It’s hard for them to get enough context from siled security tools. This situation increases the vulnerability of your company to a possible attack.


Boost your team’s productivity by opting for an open and flexible cyber


At SEKOIA.IO, openness and interoperability characterize our XDR platform. Depending on your visibility needs but also regardless of the heterogeneity of your Information System, you can interconnect without constraint the security solutions necessary to protect your infrastructure. Therefore, you do not need to replace your antivirus, EDR or even your Firewall. Our XDR platform adapts to your existing one.

Handle a single security console to

Access complete coverage of your information system and detect intrusion attempts

Thanks to interoperability – which characterizes our platform – you have the opportunity to correlate and enrich all the logs but also all the alerts raised by your security equipment.

The hunt for computer threats becomes a breeze for your team of analysts.

Dashboard Operation Center
Dashboard Operation Center

Amplify your threat detection capacity

Beyond interoperability, our platform adds contextualized cyber intelligence to your existing stack, produced and maintained by our teams of researchers and analysts. This native cyber intelligence – at no extra cost apart from the number of assets to be protected – gives you access to:

• over a million indicators (IoCs),
• a catalog of more than 500 detection rules,
• a correlation engine and detection of anomalies.

The detection is done in real time from the Operations center. This is one of the features of our SOC platform. Its presence is akin to a control tower that serves to detect and respond to threats from various locations, regardless of the environment.


React quickly to attacks before impact


Our all-in-one SOC platform natively has the functionality of a SOAR. It gives you the opportunity to automate menial and repetitive tasks of incident response via ready-to-run playbooks. From your unified console, you can, for example, trigger and automate:

• The enrichment of an alert with a VirusTotal account
• The blocking of a malicious domain
• The sending of a message/notification to your direct manager (RSSI, DSI, SOC manager)

There are many possibilities for automation capable of interconnecting your entire cyber ecosystem to make the most of it and simplify the daily work of analysts. And whatever you choose, your team keeps the control over the security system at all times.

Act quickly in the face of the threat