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Ransom Distributed Denial of Service (RDDoS) attacks are a form of cyber malicious campaign aiming at performing distributed denial of service until a ransom fee is paid. This extortion-based technique is mostly leveraged to escalate the impact of an ongoing campaign and force the victim to pay the ransom.

In an article published on “The Transportation sector cyber threat overview”, our TDR team discusses the characteristics of this attack technique (RDDoS) used by Anonymous Sudan against Scandinavian air transport entities. For more information, click here: https://blog.sekoia.io/the-transportation-sector-cyber-threat-overview/

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Others Terms

Callback phishing

It is a spearphishing tactic. It involves impersonating legitimate platforms or businesses by sending emails claiming that the victim has been or will be charged for a service. Then, she urges victims to call a listed phone number for further clarification.

SEO poisoning(Search Engine Optimisation poisoning)

SEO poisoning is a method used by cyberattackers to position malicious websites in the best search engine results.

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