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Vice society is a little-known double extortion group that recently joined the cybercrime ecosystem. Since then, it showed a steady activity, encrypting and exfiltrating its victim’s data and threatening their victims to leak their information to pressure them into paying a ransom.
Unlike other RaaS (Ransomware-as-a-Service) double extortion groups, Vice society focuses on getting into the victim system to deploy ransomware binaries sold on Dark web forums. This is likely a way for this group to save resources in developing its own ransomware.
To conduct its operations, Vice society uses Zeppelin and HelloKitty ransomware.

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Our Threat Detection and Research team has written an article in which they perform a technical analysis of the Vice society ransomware group. You will find IoCs and Yara rule to detect it.

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Calisto is a reputed threat actor close to Russia and also known as COLDRIVER.

Roaming Mantis(Roaming Mantis)

Roaming Mantis (Chinese intrusion set) is assessed to be a financially motivated group, with a history of targeting developed countries.

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