Boost your security operations with Sekoia SOC platform

We enable modern SOCs with a unified security platform powered by intelligence, for extended detection and response in real-time.

SEKOIA.IO XDR platform
Sekoia.io SaaS SIEM

Sekoia SOC platform gives you a complete, unified view

of the entire attack surface

Improve your efficiency on a daily basis

With Sekoia SOC platform, detect computer attacks, neutralize their impacts and protect your information system effectively, in real time and 360 degrees.

Anticipation and detection with threat intelligence

Sekoia natively integrates attacker intelligence flows and automation capabilities to identify, understand and neutralize attacks quicker. This innovative approach gives teams time to focus on high value-added tasks.

Agile protection of every environment

Sekoia SOC platform covers your different environments to remove complexity and natively provides detection capabilities that do not depend on knowledge of the system to be protected.

Real Time Detection

Unlike traditional approaches that carry out detection intermittently (every 15 minutes, for example), our SOC platform helps you apply detection within your IS in “streaming”, i.e. continuous detection.

A single view for total control

From a single interface, the Sekoia SOC platform gives you the ability to collect and consolidate your network flows, logs, application logs, and security alerts in real time.

A predictable billing model

Our invoicing model is based on the number of assets to be protected, with no notion of data throughput

The most innovative companies trust us

We help organizations of all sizes and industries neutralize threat impacts.


spread across 5 continents


protected worldwide


processed daily

Sekoia SOC platform is designed to meet

today’s cyber challenges

The Sekoia SOC Platform is an all-in-one solution that includes CTI, SIEM and SOAR capabilities. It helps modern SOCs address their challenges with an easy-to-use platform and a flexible offering, at a predictable price. The Sekoia SOC platform comprises two offerings, Sekoia Defend and Sekoia Intelligence.

Sekoia Defend | SIEM reloaded

Sekoia Defend is an eXtended Detection and Response platform available in SaaS mode and powered by exclusive cyber threat intelligence. Attack anticipation, automation, multiple integrations and verified detection rules simplify the protection of hybrid environments.

The XDR platform integrated into our SOC solution
TheCTI platform integrated into our SOC solution

Sekoia Intelligence | CTI reloaded

Sekoia Intelligence provides in-depth knowledge of cyber threats. Normalizing the flow of information makes it easier to understand attacks, intrusions, and malicious activity. The exclusive intelligence produced is contextualized and actionable, benefiting strategic and operational teams.

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