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Improve the analyst experience

Improve the analyst experience of your SOC team with SEKOIA.IO

Without cyber intelligence, your team suffers

Faced with constant changes in the operating methods of attackers, companies are faced with a major challenge. They must maintain knowledge of the threat and the attacker to neutralize its intrusion attempts.

To meet this challenge, their teams in charge of IT security can no longer restrict themselves to the use of security event collection tools. This data – while important for comprehensive IS coverage – loses its value if teams are unable to analyze it.

Equip your SOC team with an actionable CTI

At Sekoia.io, we have developed a SOC platform that does more than just perform the functions of a classic SIEM.

Our platform integrates a CTI (threat intelligence tool). It defines the research, analysis and modeling of cyber threats. In other words, it is used to describe a computer attack through contextualized elements and indicators understandable by both men and machines. There are, for example, reports on the latest threats, campaigns, malware and malicious actors, their TTPS mapped with MITRE ATT&CK.

Modeled in the STIX 2.1 format, its presence allows your analysts to have access (in the event of an alert) to all the context data necessary for:


  • A better assessment of the level of priority of the incident.
  • Development of defensive measures.

Reduce false alarms

Within our SOC platform, threat intelligence is at the heart of detection. It makes it possible to collect thousands of indicators of compromise in real time.

To reduce the rate of false positives around these indicators of compromise collected and made available to our users, we therefore attach importance to their contextualization.
Each indicator is assigned a validity period. It is also subject to a control process in order to achieve an almost zero false alarm rate.

Reduce false alarms with Native Cyber Threat Intelligence integrated on SEKOIA.IO SOC platform
Simplify security incident remediation with SEKOIA.IO SOC platform.

Simplify incident remediation

When your analysts have enough contextual elements around events and alerts, this saves them time in triage and qualification. They also have the possibility:


  • To assess the urgency to deal with an alert.
  • To formulate appropriate defense measures.

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