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Our vision

Anticipate Threats with CTI

Whether targeted or opportunistic, motivated by money, with purpose of espionage or sabotage, cyberthreats do not spare any organization. In a constantly changing landscape where threats are ever more numerous and sophisticated, protecting our clients effectively requires a proactive attitude.

Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence (CTI) is essential for identifying, investigating and gaining a better understanding of threats. The actors, their methods as well as the compromise indicators are capitalized and contextualized by Sekoia.io to guarantee the best level of intelligence.


Control threats and adversaries that are targeting your organization

To anticipate cyber attacks, Sekoia.io expert team produces intelligence in real time. Intelligence is automatically contextualized and actionable. It is made possible to detect and respond to cyber attacks targeting your organization.

cyber threat intelligence graph illustration. Source : SEKOIA.IO
Illustration for the part : Detect cyber threats

Detect Cyber Threats

Risk management is at the heart of cybersecurity professions. However, cyber defense is now gaining speed in the face of attackers. Faced with structured and industrialized threats, it is necessary to use Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence to detect them.

Become an agile cyber defender using Sekoia.io!

Focus on what really matters

Sekoia.io detects weak and strong signals emitted by attacks. With the ability to integrate into all your environments, Sekoia.io provides a 360-degree view of your security.

Our technology ensures quick and easy loading. Identified threats are detected in real time and correspond to what concerns you.

Automate your security, thanks to orchestration

Automation improves cybersecurity operations by optimizing usage of your technologies, processes and strategies. Security Teams often rely on multiple tools and approaches to detect threats, investigate and respond. Automatisation fuses all these tools, processes and people, and accelerates incident response.

The automation capabilities of Sekoia.io allow orchestrating the execution of various cybersecurity tools and products. Sekoia.io goes even further and allows you to automate action plans, regardless of technology, and to supervise their implementation to be in line with your business and operational objectives.

Win the race, thanks to automation

With Sekoia.io, security teams strengthen themselves by automating decision-making processes. This saves precious time to enable teams to make decisions (especially in an emergency situation) but also strengthens the organization’s immune system.

Diagram illustrating : Automate your security, thanks to orchestration

Our cybersecurity products

Sekoia Defend

Sekoia.io’s eXtended Detection & Response platform combines anticipation through attacker knowledge, with automation capabilities for attack detection and response.

The XDR platform integrated into our SOC solution
The CTI platform integrated into our SOC solution

Sekoia Intelligence

Thanks to one of the best private intelligence service in Europe, Sekoia.io Cyber Threat Intelligence allows to master attacks that are targeting your organization.

Our cybersecurity products


The SEKOIA.IO eXtended Detection & Response platform combines anticipation, through attackers threat knowledge, with automated incident detection and response to face cyber attacks.


Produced by the largest private intelligence service in Europe, SEKOIA.IO Cyber Threat Intelligence allows to master attacks that are targeting your organization.