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Cyber threat management: Sekoia.io and Filigran sign a strategic partnership


Paris, 4th june, 2024.

Collaborating for several years through the interoperability of their platforms, the two European companies commit to jointly improving knowledge of cyber threats within organizations to accelerate the detection and response to incidents.

Management des cyber menaces : Sekoia.io et Filigran nouent un partenariat stratégiqueSekoia.io, expert in Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) and detection technologies and vendor of the Sekoia SOC platform (XDR) and Filigran, specialist in eXtended Threat Management (XTM) and supporting the open-source OpenCTI solution, announce that they have signed a new protocol agreement (MoU).

At the origin of this partnership is the existing connector between OpenCTI, Filigran’s threat management platform and Sekoia.io’s threat intelligence (CTI) flow. This connector gives their common users the opportunity to integrate contextualized and immediately operationalizable information into OpenCTI for incident detection and response.


The two European companies, leaders in their field, are today formalizing their strategy to jointly support organizations in improving knowledge of cyber threats to accelerate the detection and response to security incidents.

This approach is aimed at experienced CTI players (SOC and CERT teams) within companies and MSSPs, as well as public organizations such as cybersecurity agencies and government institutions. These can rely on state-of-the-art solutions, proven and recognized by analyst firms, and compliant with open international standards for data sharing.

We welcome this strategic partnership with a recognized player like Filigran that we have known for a long time, and which makes our expertise in Threat Intelligence ever more accessible and operationalizable. It is for the same reason that Sekoia.io has been a partner of Europol since 2022 in terms of sharing information for the fight against cybercrime. This partnership strengthens our international strategy and our purpose: to simplify the lives of analyst and CISO teams thanks to a unified SOC platform, boosted by AI and CTIstates Freddy MILESI, founder and CEO of Sekoia.io.

“By joining forces with Sekoia.io, we enhance our Extended Threat Management capabilities by improving interoperability and enriching actionable intelligence, significantly boosting organizations’ ability to anticipate, detect, and respond to cyber threats more effectively. This collaboration demonstrates our commitment to enhancing global cybersecurity with innovative solutions that empower security teams and meet the evolving challenges of the digital landscape.” comments Samuel Hassine, co-founder and CEO of Filigran.

About Sekoia.io

Sekoia.io is the European cybersecurity technology company, leading provider of Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions based on Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI). Its mission is to provide businesses and public organizations with the best protection technologies against cyber attacks.

By combining threat anticipation through knowledge of attackers (Sekoia Intelligence) with automation of detection and response, the Sekoia SOC platform (Sekoia Defend – XDR) provides security teams a unified view and total control over their information systems. Its interoperability with third-party solutions and compliance with international technical standards enable organizations to take full advantage of their existing technologies. Sekoia.io gives its customers the means to focus their human resources on high value-added missions, optimize their cyber-defense strategy and regain the advantage against advanced cyber threats.

To learn more, visit : www.sekoia.ioBlogLinkedin – X/Twitter.

About Filigran

Filigran, founded in October 2022, stands out in the cybertech ecosystem through its commitment to revolutionizing threat intelligence and its application within cybersecurity teams. Its mission is to develop innovative open-source solutions specifically designed to address the complex challenges organizations face in anticipating cyber risks and threats. Filigran’s solutions are used by over 4,200 public and private organizations worldwide.

For more information: filigran.ioBlogLinkedInX/Twitter