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HarfangLab, Sekoia.io and Pradeo launch a strategic alliance for an extended and unified cyberdefence

Lille, September 7, 2021 – HarfangLab, Sekoia.io and Pradeo, three European experts specializing in cybersecurity announce at the FIC an alliance around a unified and extended offer of cybersecurity software. By combining the in-depth expertise of each of these companies, the offer will ensure uncompromising reliability while maintaining maximum agility.

At a time when cyberattacks are evolving at a breakneck pace and never cease to strike, information security managers face a double challenge: protecting their entire information system while being able to effectively thwart attacks, regardless of or their modus operandi.

While all-in-one cybersecurity solutions offer protections that fail due to a lack of in-depth specific expertise, the deployment of multiple solutions responding to the variety of architectures and operating systems encountered within the same organization quickly proves time-consuming.


The combination of three advanced technologies

By regularly exchanging with vendors of cyber threat detection, response and analysis solutions around the world, HarfangLab, Pradeo and Sekoia.io had good points of comparison when it came to analyzing their respective skills with a partnership in sight. Thus, each of the members of the trio has developed in their chosen field a very advanced and extremely effective technology in the face of current cyber threats. The choice of this alliance is therefore born of their respective excellence and their complementarity. Indeed, it is possible to integrate HarfangLab EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response), a technology for detecting threats on computers and servers, with Pradeo’s mobile fleet protection, through the Sekoia.io XDR extended detection and response platform driven by cyber threat intelligence.

“Cybersecurity requires implementing the best technology specific to each domain. This partnership provides a concrete response to security managers expecting an approach combining excellence and sovereignty. HarfangLab, Sekoia.io and Pradeo thus provide strategic cybersecurity coverage based on the advanced expertise of each player in their field”, commented Clément Saad, CEO and co-founder of Pradeo, President of French Tech Méditerranée.


An agile and extremely effective cybersecurity offer

In each organization, the data stored in the information system is accessible from a variety of terminals (computers, corporate and personal smartphones, etc.). Thus, a simple security breach in one of the links in the chain can cause a disastrous cyberattack. This strategic partnership based on enhanced technological integration is part of the OPEN XDR PLATFORM, a unique project that won the French “Grand Défi cyber”.


An open partnership

By entering into this partnership, HarfangLab, Sekoia.io and Pradeo acknowledge their shared values ​​of transparency and openness. They are ready to welcome other partners of excellence in their field of expertise to provide ever simpler and more efficient cybersecurity.

“Today there is a real need to unify state-of-the-art security solutions to cover the entire spectrum of cyberattacks. The Pegasus case demonstrates that attack vectors are multiple and that criminals are also at the forefront. I am convinced that our collaboration will increase our offer to protect any type of terminal and improve detection, investigation and response with more fluidity,” adds Grégoire Germain, CEO and co-founder of HarfangLab. 

Together, HarfangLab, Pradeo and Sekoia.io want to guarantee cybersecurity professionals the best of specialized technologies, within a unified interface. The joint solution allows companies to benefit from an integrated and seamless solution that protects all workstations and servers, mobiles. It automates alerts and incident responses without complicating cyber risk management. 

As summarized by Freddy Milesi, CEO and founder of Sekoia.io, “In increasingly mobile, agile and distributed organizations, monolithic solutions simply cannot keep up. By bringing together specialized experts, we support the approach of steering operations through intelligence, the only way for our clients to protect themselves effectively, simply, and without losing control of their budgets. »


About HarfangLab

HarfangLab, vendor of an EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) solution, a technology that helps anticipate and neutralize modern and unknown cyberattacks on computers and servers. Certified by ANSSI since 2020, HarfangLab secures its customers including large international companies operating in very sensitive sectors. HarfangLab EDR is distinguished by: the openness of its solution which integrates natively with all the other security bricks thanks to its API; by its transparency, because the data collected by the EDR remains accessible and by the digital independence it offers, because its customers are free to choose their hosting mode: cloud, public or private, or in their own infrastructure.

Contact HarfangLab at www.harfanglab.io or come and meet us at FIC on stand A22.

Press contact: Georges-Antoine Gary / gagparis@gmail.com / +33 6 12 13 86 88 


About Pradeo

European leader in mobile security, Pradeo ensures the protection of all mobile uses of an organization, by offering services dedicated to the security of smartphones, tablets and business and consumer mobile applications. 

Pradeo Security’s state-of-the-art technology effectively prevents information leakage while enhancing compliance with data protection laws. It is recognized as one of the best performers on the market by Gartner, IDC, Forrester and has just received the “Global mobile security industry enabling technology leadership 2021” award from Frost & Sullivan. 

For more details: Find Pradeo at FIC on stand 11, visit www.pradeo.com or write to press@pradeo.com.


About Sekoia.io

With 15 years of expertise in incident detection/response, the Sekoia.io team launched the Sekoia.io platform at FIC 2020 after 5 years of development and experimentation. Sekoia.io is the active protection platform that detects threats to neutralize them before impact.

Designed for openness and transparency, Sekoia.io adapts to the context and means of customers, to provide one of the most efficient and flexible solutions on the market, recognized by numerous labels and awards including the Cas D’Or de la Cybersécurité (Cybersecurity Golden Use Cases) Threat Detection Category and Grand Jury Prize 2020, the Grand Défi Cyber, or the Banking CyberSecurity Innovation Award.


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