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Middle-East: Crestan and Sekoia.io sign strategic distribution agreement

Crestan, a value-added distributor in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, today announced a partnership with Sekoia.io for the distribution of the vendor’s SOC platform and cyber threat intelligence offering in the Middle East Region.

Crestan and Sekoia announced a partnership for the distribution of its SOC platform

Sekoia.io is Europe’s leading cybertech company specializing in extended detection and response (XDR) solutions based on cyber threat intelligence (CTI), enabling modern SOCs with a unified security platform:

  • – An all-in-one solution that includes CTI, SIEM and SOAR capabilities, with 800+ easy-to-use detection rules allowing faster detection of cyberthreats
  • – Fast time-to-value and extended coverage of the attack surface: SOC is built in a few days thanks to cloud agility and 180+ connectors with third-party solutions
  • – Long experience in threat intelligence for which Sekoia.io is a Europol partner combined with XDR technology performance, recognized by analysts firms Gartner and Frost & Sullivan.


“As a value-added distributor specializing in cybersecurity across the MENA region, Crestan has dedicated over a decade to protecting enterprises from the evolving cyber threats that put at risk their operational continuity, growth, and reputation. Our mission has always been to empower businesses with robust cybersecurity defenses, and our partnership with Sekoia.io marks a significant milestone in this journey. Together with Sekoia.io, we are thrilled to enhance our offerings with cutting-edge threat intelligence and the most advanced SOC platform available today. This collaboration signifies more than just a partnership; it represents our commitment to excellence and innovation in cybersecurity.” – Says Sandra Salameh, General manager at Crestan International.

 “Today, Sekoia.io is growing quickly throughout the Middle East. This is why we recently opened a new cloud region to host our SOC platform in the UAE. Crestan’s expertise and strong presence in the region will allow us to further develop this growth, in order to serve the numerous local needs of local businesses and governments. We are looking forward to working together with Crestan teams” adds Cyril Simonnet, Chief Revenue Officer of Sekoia.io.

Crestan will support the partnership with technical, marketing and on-ground expertise as well as open up Crestan’s extensive channel network to generate new business opportunities for Sekoia.io in the region and to meet with the roadmap that has been jointly put in place for 2024.

Crestan and Sekoia.io will be at Gisec Global 2024, taking place from April 23 to 25 in Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE.


About Crestan International

Crestan is a value-added distributor covering the Middle East and Africa partnering with global IT vendors to deliver turnkey solutions for enterprises spanning the region. Our portfolio, geographical spread, expertise, dedication, and vendor support differentiate us in the market.

We engage in opportunity build-up with our partners through our deep knowledge of security, unified communications, and infrastructure solutions and a close understanding of market trends and needs.

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About Sekoia.io

Sekoia.io is the European cybertech, leading provider of Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions based on Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI). Its mission is to provide businesses and public organizations with the best protection technologies against cyber attacks.

By combining threat anticipation through knowledge of attackers (Sekoia Intelligence) with automation of detection and response, the Sekoia SOC platform (Sekoia Defend – XDR) provides security teams a unified view and total control over their information systems. Its interoperability with third-party solutions and compliance with international technical standards enable organizations to take full advantage of their existing technologies. Sekoia.io gives its customers the means to focus their human resources on high value-added missions, optimize their cyber-defense strategy and regain the advantage against advanced cyber threats.

To learn more, visit www.sekoia.ioBlog — LinkedinTwitter.