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Open XDR Architecture: redefining the contours of XDR

How to federate and interact with all security tools?

This is the Sekoia.io challenge. If you’re a cybersecurity professional, you’ve heard the term “XDR” at least 100 times this year. And yet, the contours are blurred while the needs of companies are well identified!

GLIMPSHarfangLab and Sekoia.io already market leaders in France (MAP, EDR and XDR), have just been selected by the #GrandDefiCyber in the theme « Vertical axes, tranche 2» for their unique project (OXA for Open XDR Architecture) with the sole objective of providing companies:

1️⃣ multi-source, multi-platform detection capabilities and as close as possible to the threat,
2️⃣ advanced analysis and investigative capabilities in the past
3️⃣ collaborative and distributed response capabilities

All on an open architecture model and based on the best standards on the market. This initiative paves the way for #France2030 high-performance, open operational cybersecurity that enhances what already exists.

For its part, Sekoia.io will work on the ability to better understand all the components of the information system (a meta language will be created) and better use them (transmit actions, feed in adapted threat intelligence…). This will involve the use of standards such as STIX, TAXII, Sigma, CACAO, OpenC2, OCSF and a collaborative project will be implemented within OASIS / Open Cybersecurity Alliance so that this initiative becomes a model of architecture #XDR usable by all.

You wanted to better value your information system, gain flexibility and avoid vendor lock-in? OXA will make this possible.