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SEKOIA.IO X SNS SECURITY for a cyber offer dedicated to ETIs

Paris, August 31, 2021 – The resurgence of cyberattacks in recent years has accelerated the awareness of all companies, without exception. On the occasion of the IT & IT Security Meetings trade show, Sekoia.io and SNS SECURITY are jointly unveiling their [S]SOC offer, enabling them to offer ETIs a high-performance cyber solution and support.

If large groups can easily procure tailor-made solutions, mid-sized companies must often rely on an outsourced service. It is in this context that Sekoia.io, a European software vendor specializing in cyber threat anticipation, a recognized player in CTI (Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence) and XDR (eXtended Detection & Response), is joining forces with SNS SECURITY, an independent company specializing in IT security. The objective is to offer a new generation SOC that is accessible to ETIs, SMEs and local authorities.

The convergence of objectives of SNS SECURITY and Sekoia.io has made it possible to give birth to an innovative, high-quality SOC (Security Operation Center) solution that is accessible to the budget of mid-cap companies that constitute the soul of the European industrial fabric. For SNS SECURITY, the objective was to offer its customers an innovative offer with the same level of requirement including a modern and efficient SOC solution backed by a premium service. While for Sekoia.io, it was a question of democratizing access to its Sekoia.io platform by developing strong alliances with field operators. 

“We needed to find a partner with strong cybersecurity expertise because our Sekoia.io solution cannot work alone. Although pushing automation far, it needs human skills to analyze the alerts contextualized by the platform. And for this type of client, which are ETIs, they are forced to call on external services because they do not have the resources necessary to internalize these very specialized skills. SNS SECURITY has proven to be an ideal partner, with strong roots in the cybersecurity community and historical partners such as Fortinet and SentinelOne, but also in terms of timing. With Sekoia.io, we wanted to serve the ETI market and for this we have chosen to work with a partner able to offer a complete offer in MSSP mode. It’s done !” explains Nicolas Dissaux, Head of Channel & Alliances at Sekoia.io

The SOC offer combines the Sekoia.io solution with the know-how of SNS SECURITY. Indeed, SNS SECURITY, which regularly serves the ETI market, is now able to offer a SOC service thanks to the Sekoia.io platform, mobilizing multidisciplinary cyber experts trained in Sekoia.io technology, capable of analyzing cyber threats in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while making companies aware of the right things to do. 

“For SNS SECURITY, the objective was to be able to complete our portfolio of cyber offers, by creating a new generation SOC offer based on the strengths of Sekoia.io, SIEM and CTI. With over 700 clients in our portfolio across all types of industries, we hope that 20% of them will subscribe to it within 1 year, explains Franck Burtin, Managing Director of SNS SECURITY.

About Sekoia.io

Sekoia.io is a European cybersecurity software vendor whose mission is to develop the best protection capabilities against cyber attacks. The French-based company provides modern, field-proven technologies to enable its key account customers and cybersecurity service providers to neutralize cyber threats before they have consequences. The founders of Sekoia.io have been recognized security professionals for more than 15 years. They use the latest technological advances to reinvent the way of doing cybersecurity and make their know-how useful to as many people as possible. By focusing all its research and development efforts on two major strategic axes, which are the knowledge of threats and the automation of defense capabilities, Sekoia.io makes it possible to give back the advantage to the teams in charge of protecting systems against attackers. For more information: https://www.sekoia.io/en/

About SNS 

Security SNS SECURITY is an expert French services company specializing in computer security and created in 2002. It offers quality services to meet current issues encountered by companies regardless of their size and areas of expertise in cybersecurity. For more information: https://www.sns-security.fr

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