Relocation, flexibility at work and careers at SEKOIA.IO

7 Jun, 2021

Rennes, June 2020. SEKOIA.IO, software vendor specializing in cybersecurity, relentless innovator and recognized player in Threat Intelligence, moved to new offices in Rennes to accommodate part of its Parisian management team. This strategy reinforces the growing importance of the Rennes metropolitan area in the French cyber ecosystem!

After a fundraising of 10 million euros and a grant of one million euros by the Grand Défi Cyber, SEKOIA.IO assumes its ambitions, announces new recruitments and liberates working conditions.

SEKOIA.IO strengthens its roots in the cybervalley!

After several years in Rennes’ digital incubator, SEKOIA has settled down in the EuroRennes business district, a few steps away from the main train station. Integrated into the Whoorks coworking facility, SEKOIA.IO benefits from a privatized space, giving it access to a full-fledged individual workplace, as well as offices under access control for its service center and sensitive projects. Proof that reconciling security and flexibility is possible for cybersecurity companies that handle sensitive data on a daily basis. 

The choice of Whoorks was made above all on the basis of a new mode of operation: the Flex Office. Here, no seat is allocated, except for the sensitive activities of SEKOIA.IO. So every morning, everyone chooses their location for the day according to the projects to be carried out, work squads or simply personal convenience. Each workstation is fully equipped to be operational by connecting only one cable to its computer. Dedicated safe boxes and lockers are also used to store individual confidential documents. 

“The health crisis has shifted the front lines regarding offices and the ways of working. If at SEKOIA.IO we were already flexible, we wanted on the occasion of this move to gain flexibility and agility within the team. The idea is to give our employees the maximum choice in their organization of work, both remotely and in the office, and with the possibility of working from where they want in the environment most conducive to their intellectual stimulation“, explains David Bizeul, CTO at SEKOIA.IO.

Finally, SEKOIA.IO also announces no less than 25 recruitments by the end of 2021.

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