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Sekoia.io X CAPFI 6e Sens for a French cyber offer to ETIs, SMEs

Rennes, November 4, 2021 – The rise in cyberattacks in recent years has accelerated awareness within companies. If large groups can easily procure tailor-made solutions, mid-sized companies (mid-caps – SME) must use an outsourced service. It is in this context that Sekoia.io, a European software vendor specializing in cyber threat anticipation, a recognized player in CTI (Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence) and XDR (eXtended Detection & Response), is joining forces with CAPFI 6ème Sens, the expert entity of the CAPFI Group specializing in Security, Automation and Cloud, in order to offer a new 100% French offer, dedicated to ETIs and SMEs.

Cybersecurity has become a major issue for ETIs and SMEs since the health crisis. In this context, companies have initiated a rapid 100% digital transition (teleworking, remote access to information, etc.) leading to the emergence of flaws in traditional security systems. 

For example, in 2020 Ransomware attacks targeting ETIs/SMEs were multiplied by 4 and 43% of SMEs experienced at least one cybersecurity incident during their lifetime. They are also 71% to have filed for bankruptcy within the following 3 years.

Faced with this new challenge, ETIs and SMEs are still hatchlings. Without experience or particular skills in this area, they do not plan to use the best solutions on the market perceived as not very accessible and reserved for large corporate entities.

“We are convinced that cybersecurity must be approached and operated in a sovereign manner. It is with pride that we announce today our partnership with Sekoia.io, which completes our sovereign system of Managed Detection & Response (MDR). Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of threats, the Sekoia.io platform equips our experts and analysts to anticipate attacks by detecting them instantly, which allows us to respond more quickly to better defend our customers”, explains Bruno Boutet, Associate Director of CAPFI 6th Sens.

This is why Sekoia.io and CAPFI 6ème Sens wanted to provide a cybersecurity offer dedicated to this type of company. The SOC by CAPFI 6ème Sens offer delivers a turnkey operated service, based on the sovereign cybersecurity platform Sekoia.io.

“The partnership that we are formalizing today between Sekoia.io and CAPFI 6ème Sens enables us to provide our clients with a sovereign MDR approach, with French players who are experts in cyber. This managed service proposal of our XDR platform allows the democratization of advanced technologies for ETIs and SMEs. Trust, proximity, expertise and sovereignty… all the ingredients are there for a good partnership!”, says Nicolas Dissaux, Head of Sales & Channel of Sekoia.io.

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