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Threat Intelligence: ThreatQuotient and Sekoia.io join forces to better anticipate Cyber Threats

Paris, February 11, 2021 – ThreatQuotient, the main innovative player in the market for security operations and threat intelligence management platforms and Sekoia.io, French deeptech specialist cyber threat anticipation announce technological integration with the availability of the Sekoia.io connector on the ThreatQ platform. The integration of Sekoia.io into the ThreatQ platform provides European public and private companies with contextualized threat intelligence.

Contextualized and localized threat intelligence

Since 2016, the two Threat Intelligence specialists have a similar fundamental approach: their common objective is to help companies in their CTI strategy and enable them to exploit contextualized intelligence. This is now achieved at the start of 2021 with the possibility for critical infrastructures and European SOCs to have a local information base (markers, indicators of compromise and TTPs). 

Sekoia.io has an internal team of around ten analysts in charge of manual investigations, context analysis, and the creation of new trackers. Sekoia.io brings a European focus on highly qualified cyber threat intelligence for critical infrastructures and OIV (operator of vital importance) addressed by ThreatQuotient.

Sekoia.io’s data structure presents the activities of cybercriminal groups through multiple facets. This offers both the ability to anticipate and operationalize the cyber chain in ThreatQ to SOC managers or CERT directors and to have strategic information to help management teams in decision-making. 

Yann Le Borgne, Technical Director Europe at ThreatQuotient : “What got us most interested with Sekoia.io is the work done on intelligence and the strong value added through the contextualization efforts, notably with the FLINT strategic reports. The strength of Sekoia.io also resides in the fact that threat intelligence is created as hackers progress and is distributed in the feed even before a threat is sighted.”


A strategic vision of CTI enabling true anticipation

A simplified representation of the strength of the Sekoia.io feed could be that of a GPS tracker placed under a car: the Sekoia.io teams follow the slightest movements of the groups of attackers as they advance and create their footprints on the internet which enables real-time capture of their movements. This collected information is then distributed in the feed now accessible to ThreatQuotient customers, which becomes an all-in-one tool listing both technical and operational indicators. 

The particularity of this feed is that it allows analyst and managerial profiles to be able to consume threat intelligence with their own objectives. If the actors know how to operationalize their intelligence, they can go so far as to protect themselves even before these indicator points become concretizations of threats. 

David Bizeul, CTO Sekoia.io : “We have designed the Sekoia.io threat intelligence to be both exhaustive and hyper-specific. Exhaustive because we model a very large part of cyber news that we structure as a data graph and we add our own analyses. Specific because our trackers collect indicators associated with attackers’ cutting-edge tools. ThreatQuotient was able to integrate all this contextualized material brilliantly so that each client could put it to music according to their needs.


About ThreatQuotient

ThreatQuotient’s mission is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of security operations through a threat-centric platform. By integrating an organization’s existing processes and technologies into a single security architecture, ThreatQuotient accelerates and simplifies investigations and collaboration across teams and tools, supporting incident response, threat hunting, and serving as a threat intelligence platform. Through automation, prioritization and visualization, ThreatQuotient solutions reduce noise and highlight priority threats to better target limited resources and confirm decisions. ThreatQuotient is headquartered in Reston, Virginia, with offices in Europe and Asia-Pacific. For more information: https://threatquotient.com.

About Sekoia.io

Created in 2008, Sekoia.io is a French deeptech specialist in anticipating cyber threats. Sekoia.io offers a modern cybersecurity platform. Called Sekoia.io, this solution anticipates and detects threats and automates tailored responses.

Marketed in SaaS mode since January 2020, Sekoia.io adapts to all technological environments and detects and analyzes approximately one billion events each month.

More than a company, Sekoia.io is an environment of confrontation with new forms of threats, and advocates its European roots as well as the strength of the collective to protect and stay in the race against cybercriminals. Today, the company has 90 employees and actively participates in the defensive security community in France and Europe. For more information: Sekoia.io

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