Replace your SIEM

SIEM tools do not keep their promises

SIEM tools do not keep their promises


Traditional SIEM solutions impose major limitations to SOC teams:

• Managers lack visibility and predictability into costs due to the fluctuating volume of data to be collected or processed.
SOC teams are overwhelmed with a large flow of false positives (Alert Fatigue Syndrome)
• Analysts lose time and energy investigating events out of the blue and non-contextualized alerts.
• Lack of openness to cloud services and modern and hybrid IS infrastructures makes for lengthy and cumbersome evolutions such as interfacing a new technology or adjusting the monitored perimeter
• Not being able to detect quickly or to respond accordingly (low MTTD and MTTR)
• Poor deployment lead time and maintainability of rules (low MTTX)


In view of all these elements, you plan to change your solution. However, you hesitate to take the step, for fear of:

• Losing all the technical capitalization of your detection environment.
• Having to build again your detection rules or even the whole security policy.
• Losing all the integration work that has been done so that your SIEM can interface with all your security solutions.
• Reproduce the same internal deployment again with the adoption of a new solution.

Because you and your team have grown accustomed to your current SIEM, you are afraid of wasting time creating new technical and organizational documentation and processes, including training your team on how to get started with a new solution.

Boost your team’s operational capacity tenfold with SEKOIA.IO XDR


We offer a unified, all-in-one, sovereign SOC platform, hosted wherever you need it. SEKOIA.IO XDR aggregates and merges all the components necessary for the security of an information system. In other words, it integrates both:

• The power of a latest-generation Security Datalake with all the promises of a SIEM without the hassle,
• State of the art detection mechanisms such as behavioral analysis or anomaly detection, and a prepackaged rules catalog enabling Day-1 performance
• The agility and openness of a SaaS ready to integrate and interconnect with your existing security infrastructure and solutions.
• The effectiveness of a SOAR to respond faster to alerts through the use of playbooks and integrated responses.
• A highly contextualized cyber intelligence (CTI) powering actionable detection rules for low false positives.

Reduce the operational cost of your SOC


Our invoicing model is based on the number of assets to be protected, with no notion of data throughput, velocity, processing power or other hidden costs. As a consequence, you will always know upfront what protecting a given perimeter will cost. Our price is competitive because it is lower than traditional solutions. This brings you a certain budgetary peace of mind unlike traditional SIEM tools.

Reduce the operational cost of your SOC

Increase your threat detection capability


Threats, including the most complex and advanced ones, is an integral part of our SOC platform. This detection takes shape around three (3) fundamental bricks:

• The first brick is that of a detection based on CTI; that is to say a detection engine that seeks to break the agility of attackers by mobilizing thousands of indicators. These indicators focus on the malware, infrastructure and techniques used by attackers to conduct their operations.

• As for the second detection brick, it is governed by a catalog of more than 500 behavioral rules intended to detect the most recent vulnerabilities, the attackers’ operating modes (TTPs)…

• Finally, the third and last detection brick is to detect malicious use of legitimate means. It is based on an anomaly detection engine to learn by statistical reconciliation, by seasonality, the legitimate uses on the information system and therefore raise alerts around potentially unexpected uses.


Say goodbye to “alert fatigue”


By operationalizing your detection from a contextualized CTI, combined with behavioral analysis and also provided by our analysts, you greatly reduce the rate of false positives and therefore the pressure on your teams. Each triggered alert is enriched with contextual elements and metadata to reduce the investigation efforts of your analysts.

On the same console, your analysts can automate responses to alerts raised before impact. Playbook systems are available to them. Their configuration does not require extensive system administration or coding skills.

Replace your SIEM

Reduce the mental load of your analysts

A catalog of actionable detection rules is included in our SOC platform. It is produced and maintained by our teams of researchers. Its presence allows your analysts to be operational from the first hours of deployment. They no longer deal with setting up the intelligence and detection cycle. They can focus on value-added tasks like investigation.

Migrate your security stack painlessly (including detection rules from your old SIEM)

Our SEKOIA.IO XDR solution is compatible with most cloud, SaaS and on-premise solutions. We have multiple connectors ensuring very fast and very simplified integration with the main infrastructures and existing security solutions. We therefore adapt to your existing situation but also to the evolution of your ecosystem and your organizational constraints.

Our detection rules are based on SIGMA to offer a simple, interoperable and open format. It also facilitates the migration of detection rules from your old SIEM.

Replace your Security Information Event management