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We provide you with expert content such as our monthly and quarterly threat status reports, webinars and customer feedback from our SOC platform.

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10 July 2024
MSSP Experience

How does Monaco Cyber Sécurité ensure data residency compliance with Sekoia.io?

2 July 2024
MSSP Experience

A shared vision for 360° safety and increased maturity

13 June 2024
Sekoia Intelligence

Gain insight into cyber threats with Sekoia Intelligence

13 June 2024
Sekoia Defend

Unify protection, simplify security with Sekoia Defend

31 May 2024
MSSP Experience

Showcasing our MSSP expertise with CTI and Sekoia SOC Platform

27 May 2024
Sekoia.io X SentinelOne

Sekoia.io & SentinelOne joint solution brief

17 May 2024
Cyber threat intelligence

Discover Sekoia Threat landscape

23 April 2024
NIS2 directive

NIS2 Directive in practice: New obligations and actions to consider

23 April 2024
Product webinar

Boost your security operations with Sekoia SOC platform

19 April 2024

Transform your SOC with XDR

14 March 2024
Frost Radar Extended Detection and Response 2023

Sekoia in the latest Frost radar on extended detection and response!

14 March 2024
Customer Value Leadership from Frost & Sullivan

Sekoia.io receives the 2023 “Customer Value Leadership Award”

7 February 2024
Sekoia.io X Stoïk

How Sekoia SOC platform empowered Stoïk’s cybersecurity

9 January 2024
Sekoia.io X EDF

CTI – What are the measurable key figures ?

9 January 2024
Agrifood industry

XDR – How to thwart a cyber attack in the first few minutes and avoid extortion?

9 January 2024
Sekoia.io x Zscaler

Sekoia.io and Zscaler joint solution brief

5 December 2023

Take a tour of our Intelligence Center

2 November 2023

Aggregate events with the Query Builder

2 November 2023

Detect anomalies in events

9 October 2023

Take a tour of Sekoia.io XDR platform

25 May 2023

Sekoia.io Forwarder – How to guide

3 April 2023

The power of CTI during malware incident analysis replay with Glimps

28 April 2022

Correlation made easy: how to improve the analyst experience with Sigma Correlation