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Threat status reports

Dynamics of ransomware activity in Q1 2022

Discover the dynamics of the ransomware attacks SEKOIA monitored since early 2022. Some unusual shifts in the top affected countries and sectors in just one click.

The “Command & Control” infrastructures of cyber attackers observed in 2021

Discover the "Command & Control" infrastructures used by cybercriminal or state sponsored threat actors to carry out their cyber-attack campaigns.

NOBELIUM’s EnvyScout infection chain goes in the registry, targeting embassies

Discover in this report everything about the new infection chain of NOBELIUM, the intrusion set behind the SolarWonds supply-chain attack.

Iranian nation-state operators are (re)turning to ransomware

Discover in this analysis: 1- It’s not All quiet on the Iranian front. 2- Deploying ransomware - to what end? 3- Moses Staff - the latest example of an ideologically-driven extortion scheme.

FLINT about REvil attack on Kaseya

Discover our FLINT about REvil attack on Kaseya including an in-depth analysis of the attack, Course of actions to prevent risks, IoCs & Technical Details, Tactics, Techniques & Procedures (ATT&CK).