A highly structured, contextualized and actionable Cyber Threat Intelligence

Available on SEKOIA.IO platform or via API for integration, SEKOIA.IO’s CTI allows to have a deep knowledge and understanding of attackers groups.

Its database is continuously updated by hundreds of qualified intelligence sources, processed and enriched by SEKOIA.IO. It enhances with research and analysis carried out by our analysts on a daily basis.

All the intelligence produced by SEKOIA.IO is contextualized and exploitable. Through this approach, intelligence is useful to both strategic and operational teams.

CTI sources and output format

> 500

sources of intelligence deployed around the world

> 150 000

attacks infrastructure monitored daily

> 5 millions

indicators of compromissions usable daily


SEKOIA.IO’s Cyber Threat Intelligence provides assimilable and relevant reports on the evolving threat landscape, accessible to a broader audience.

The CISO becomes the referent for ongoing and relevant threats. He/she can leverage it to raise awareness among executives and establish budgets for the relevant cybersecurity key issues.

For SOC Teams

Enhance detection and response capabilities by providing threat context to SOC operators and analysts.

SEKOIA.IO’s cyber threat intelligence greatly decreases the number of false positives, as well as the teams fatigue. Your team focuses on priority alerts, increases efficiency and focuses on real threats.

Available on the main marketplaces

La CTI de SEKOIA.IO est disponible sur la marketplace AWS
La CTI de SEKOIA.IO est disponible sur la marketplace de Microsoft azure
Customizable Dashboards - CTI

Customizable Dashboards

Get an overview of the threats and indicators relevant to you and your business with our customizable dashboards.

Intuitive Database Navigation

Discover the fully open cyber threat knowledge base and benefit from intuitive interfaces to browse and find the information you are looking for.

CTI-Intuitive Database Navigation
CTI-Views Tailored to your Interests

Views Tailored to your Interests

Adapt and customize your intelligence flows according to your needs: sectors of activity concerned, nature of intelligence, typology of threats, sources, geographical area and more. Obtain the information 100% based of your interests.

Integration into your Organization

Leverage our expert data in your processes and established tools, using our different native connectors and integrations.

CTI intake - Integration into your Organization

Integrate our CTI in your Security Products

Threat Quotient, Anomali, Cortex, MISP, ATT&CK, OpenCTI and many more!


Quality-Focused Production

To ensure the quality of SEKOIA.IO’s Cyber Threat Intelligence, its production relies on 5 pillars.


Half of the intelligence produced by SEKOIA.IO is available to our customers even before a hacker uses the associated tools or infrastructures.


Each piece of intelligence in our offers is verified, qualified, enriched and contextualized. All indicators are created with a given lifespan depending on their context, to avoid false positives.


All interesting OSINT news are added to SEKOIA.IO CTI. They are then transformed into structured and contextualized objects, ready to be used in the protection of your environments.


SEKOIA.IO owns 150+ exclusifs trackers to monitor attackers activities and to create valuable indicators to face them.


SEKOIA.IO’s Cyber Threat Intelligence is tailored to cyber operations. In addition to being directly available in SEKOIA.IO XDR, it can be used by humans to understand threats, priorize incident responses, and feed other detection tools.

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