The CTI one-stop-shop to build and disseminate your own cyber threat intelligence

SEKOIA.IO TIP is the experts’ preferred Threat Intelligence Platform for craddle-to-grave threat intelligence management, from high quality production to fine-tuned empowerment of cybersecurity teams and assets

Nobody knows your context better than you… and your attackers. That is why you need bespoke contextualized Intelligence to steer your cyber operations. But without the proper tools, this can turn into a cumbersome and frustrating experience for everyone involved.

SEKOIA.IO TIP is the analysts’ preferred Threat Intelligence Platform to achieve high velocity and high yield CTI production without compromising on quality.

   • Speed up your intelligence cycle from ingestion to distribution

   • Amplify your resources with automation and expert-centric UX

   • Steer your infrastructure with real-time bespoke feeds

   • Leapfrog beyond conventional TIPs by federating your communities of interest towards collaborative intelligence

CTI sources and output format

< 3min

From evidence to intelligence

Analyst seats, single licence per organization.

Output feeds. No data caps, in or out.

Cyber-mature organizations

Empower your internal CERT, SOC or CTI Team with SEKOIA.IO TIP and enable your analysts to deliver fully-operational private intelligence. Bespoke CTI has never been so easy and efficient.

Managed Security Services Providers

Deliver 0-false positive Threat Intelligence to your MDR or SOC customers. Unlock intelligence-based security to steer heterogeneous tools and assets.

Intelligence sharing communities

Sharing is caring. With SEKOIA.IO TIP, federate your communities of interest around a user-friendly way to share CTI. Its fine-grain control lets you control precisely how your feeds are processed. SEKOIA.IO TIP is the ideal foundation to kickstart an ISAC.

*Your* Intelligence

Produce the Threat Intel that nobody else can provide

Leverage our optimized and award-winning Analyst

Experience Seamlessly integrate your own ready-for-use CTI

Full Lifecycle Control

Integrate third-party evidence (reports, urls, observables…) in a breeze

Connect third party intelligence that matters

Define and enforce consistent CTI quality throughout your environment


Streamline data ingestion with powerful APIs

Accelerate investigation with built-in enrichers

Speed-up third party enrichment via no-code and low-code playbooks and templates

Integrate your processes and organization to automate intelligence dissemination—hassle-free

Where and When it Matters

Deploy your CTI infrastructure where your teams are: multiple instances or full SaaS, your choice.

Own the dissemination of your intelligence by tuning bespoke output feeds and filters

Steer your cyberdefense assets from a single source of truth—you.

Your Security, your Rules

Deploy SEKOIA.IO TIP on your own private cloud for full authority over your instances and to reassure your Security Officer or DPO

Or leverage SEKOIA.IO TIP as a Full-SaaS solution to benefit from continuous improvements and delegated infrastructure operations

And everything in-between: your security, your rules.